EX MACHINA or do you want to build an android?

Sci Fi has become simultaneous with extravagance and CGI, sprawling SFX departments and money money money. Yet sometimes the most effective and thought provoking dystopias are the simplest. In the near future, coding expert Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) wins a company competition to meet Nathan (Oscar Isaac) the reclusive yet infamous company head at his hideaway, … More EX MACHINA or do you want to build an android?

David Nicolls : ‘One Day’ Author’s new novel ‘Us’

Oh David Nicholls, the time has come for us to part ways. Having raced through ‘One Day’ only to be faced with disappointment at the finish line, I decided to give you a second chance with your latest bestseller ‘Us’. As a result of your latest offering, post ‘Us’, I can safely say it’s not … More David Nicolls : ‘One Day’ Author’s new novel ‘Us’

The Real F Word

When I was three, and Margaret Thatcher resigned, I turned to my mother with the question: “Can a man BE Prime Minister Mummy?” I was never taught that women were the lesser gender. At three, I didn’t know that my teenage years would be judged for my physicality over my mental capabilities, that my creativity … More The Real F Word

The Blame Game

No one ever wants to admit they are in the wrong, and as Stevie Wonder tells us, sorry really does often seem to be the hardest word. But when an apology isn’t enough to clear the slate the gavel seems to often fall on the victim rather than the guilty party. Victims of child abuse … More The Blame Game

Goodbye Hello Kitty

The world cried in outrage last week, when the news broke. Viewers threw inanimate objects at television screens –  tweeters asked where the madness could possibly end as it had been officially announced by creators Sanrio, that Hello Kitty is NOT a cat. I shall pause now for you to digest this information which has … More Goodbye Hello Kitty