House Rules

House Rules for Flock To The Crown

  • Word count for a regular posts is from 350-500 words. This means the minimum you can write for a post is 350 and the maximum for a post is 500. For feature and comment pieces this is from 800-900 words. This means the minimum you can write for a feature or comment piece is 800 and the maximum is 900.  However, we are flexible and happy to discuss word count where necessary. However, in an ideal world it is better for writers to keep to the word count to give them a taste of real journalism life. No one from the Times or Telegraph would be successful, if they did not keep to the word count. But again, we are happy to negotiate this.
  • We are happy for you to re-publish your work on your own personal blog after we have published your work on Flock To The Crown. You are also allowed to write for any other online publication or blog about the same topic however, the article must be written from a different angle. If you require clarification, please let us know.
  • You can use links and URLs if necessary. If you need any assistance with this, please let us know and we will help you.
  • We are happy to hear about all ideas and pitches for the magazine. We welcome wider issues including social issues, economical or current affairs. Any articles or post that raises awareness about an interesting topic is something worth discussing and warrants being in Flock To The Crown.
  • For posts and articles, being straight to the point is great, but elaborating a well-constructed argument is even better. We can clarify this if you have any questions on this.
  • We like original pieces of work and that means your individual voice. Be as honest as you want and do not feel restricted if you need to use profanities to raise a valid point.
  • Please provide photos or assist us in finding at least one photo image per post and article – the more photos the better.
  • We strive to keep your work your own and will never amend your work unless you are happy with the changes. This means that if we are unsure of any parts of your article, we will specifically address it and ask you to clarify. Our aim is to help you publish an excellent piece of work, not sabotage it.
  • Flock To The Crown, like any publication aims to complete posts and articles based on deadlines however, we understand that other commitments take priority. We can be flexible with the deadline however naturally Flock To the Crown would prefer you to stick to the agreed deadline if possible. No one from the BBC or Guardian would be successful, if they didn’t keep to the deadline.
  • We will always tell you when your article has been published and we will always publicise your work on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Once you have sent us any articles or posts, we will post it within a 1-2 day framework.

We want to encourage team building and creative ideas for all writers. Flock To The Crown is an e-magazine that aims to give students and those new to writing a writing voice. If you have any points or suggestions to raise that are not mentioned here, please forward them one to:

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