#KnifeCrime Young Father Potentially Saves Lives at a Teenage Party

A father from London has released a video which contained shocking footage of dangerous weapons that he confiscated from a group of boys. Last weekend, Faron Paul, 31 had given his teenage daughter permission to attend her cousin’s birthday party when he received a phone call warning him that some boys were trying to force … More #KnifeCrime Young Father Potentially Saves Lives at a Teenage Party


Yemen is one of the world’s poorest countries and just two years ago, the country began fighting a deadly war. The premise behind the war stems from a division of support between the internationally recognised government and the Houthi Rebel Movement. Since March, 2015 over 6,000 people have been killed and over 20,000 civilians have been … More #YemenCrisisAppeal

#GirlPower and the #Convergence of the Red Carpet: #Celebrities vs #SocialMedia #Stars

Are Social Media Stars becoming more Influential than Mainstream Celebrities? American University Professor Investigates the rise of YouTube Stars. Marketing Professor, Jeentendr Sehdev from the University of Southern California believes young female internet starlets could be the next ‘big thing’ to take over the red carpet. The professor conducted a study in October 2015, where … More #GirlPower and the #Convergence of the Red Carpet: #Celebrities vs #SocialMedia #Stars

Widening Access at #Birkbeck How and Why?

Traditionally, mature students are less well served by universities; they frequently do not receive the information and advice that they need to make an informed choice about entering higher education. You’ve probably noticed that Birkbeck’s a little bit different. Our students don’t always come to us the traditional ways via school, then college, then university … More Widening Access at #Birkbeck How and Why?