The Power of E #Petitions… Meet the 21st Centuries Newest Tool in #GlobalDemocracy

Just another day another tantrum in the White House as President Donald Trump threw both the bottle and his state visit to the UK out of the pram – via a lovely 5am tweet of course!
The American President cancelled his state visit to the U.K. by sending out a tweet at 5am (GMT).

The presidents excuse? The Obama administration, ‘selling the best located and finest embassy in London for peanuts,‘ and not the retweeted  anti-Muslim videos he posted in November or the one million plus members of the British public that signed a petition on  protesting against the visit.

There’s no question that for some, 2017 was a year of tragedy and through that pain,  most of us needed a platform to express the anguish, disbelief and pain that spread across the world.

In 2017, social media swap selfies for politics – the red carpet rolled itself out, all for the love of electronic petition’s. The public found its way to let Governments around the world know that they hadn’t come to play!

If a signature had any significance to a problem, all it had to do was trust in its new found ‘bestie’.

According to 100,000 signatures are required before a petition can be debated in Parliament. That’s a small number considering there are currently 66.3 million people living in the UK and 7.6 billion people in world.

How exactly did E-Petitions make an impact in 2017? 

184,715 signatures meant that the case of Charlie Gard was discussed in Parliament and  resulted in Gard’s case being referred to the high court.

And although, the high court decided not to let Charlie travel to America for treatment – the power of the people forced the highest court in the land to reconsider the evidence.

Charlie Gard
The young couple lost their court battle to allow their terminally ill child to travel to America for treatment.

Uber made E-Petition history by becoming the fastest growing petition of 2017. #SaveYourUber received 600,000 signatures, 48 hours after the Mayor of London revoked the cab firms licence.

Electronic petition’s brought awareness to injustices such as #FreeCyntoiaBrown a 16-year-old from Nashville, Tennessee who was tried as an adult in 2004, for the murder of her sexual abuser ‘Kut Throat.’

Cyntoia Brown
Cyntoia Brown (right) was sentenced to life in prison at the tender age of 16. Kim Kardashian (left) offered to pay for Browns lawyers in order for her to have a retrial.

Celebrities like Rihanna, Travis Scott and Kim Kardashian showed support on their social media platforms, by signing Cyntoia Browns E-Petition and by asking their followers also sign the petition.

Kim Kardashian even offered to pay for solicitors so that Cyntoia Brown can afford to have a retrial as there have been changes in American sex trafficking laws.

The tragic event of Grenfell Tower left residents broken, angry and in demand of answers.

Due to the nature of the event, it took just 26,044 signatures for Theresa May to answer the call for the Government to restore public trust in the Grenfell Tower Inquiry.

Grenfell Tower blew up in flames in July 2017. Residents of the Ladbroke Grove area blamed the fire on cladding provided by The Royal Borough Kensington & Chelsea, one of London’s most exclusive post codes

In December 2017, 266,377 signatures placed pressure on the British government to #ENDSLAVERYINLIBYA. Parliament gathered to share its disgust, outrage and possible solutions to stop Libya’s sickening enslavement and selling of black Africans.

Libya, North Africa
In 2017 CNN released images and video footage showing black Africans being brought and sold as slaves in Libya, North Africa.

Last week, the Parole Board announced that ‘Black Cab Rapist’ John Worboys would be released from prison after serving less than ten years in prison for sexually assaulting twelve women along the M25 in 2009.

In true fight back fashion, 9,074 signatures have been added to calling for Parliament to reconsider the Parole Board’s decision, after it was revealed that the Government had no say in the outcome and that none of the victims were notified.

Disgraced ‘Black Cab Driver,’ John Worboys is due to be released from prison within the next fourteen days.

There’s no denying that there’s a political change in the air. Whilst Theresa May bickers with the heads in Brussels over Brexit and viewers still scratch their heads trying to figure out why India from Celebrity Big Brother is so awkward, lets hope 2018 brings more power to the people.

E-Petitions create amazing shifts and as long as there are injustices E-Petitions are definitely here to stay.

Written by Susie Kellie (Chief Editor of Flock To The Crown) 

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