#KnifeCrime Young Father Potentially Saves Lives at a Teenage Party

A father from London has released a video which contained shocking footage of dangerous weapons that he confiscated from a group of boys.

Last weekend, Faron Paul, 31 had given his teenage daughter permission to attend her cousin’s birthday party when he received a phone call warning him that some boys were trying to force their way into the event.

As Paul intervened and dispersed the group it came to his attention that some of the boys were carrying weapons. In the video, Paul can be seen holding two medium-sized knives and one large Rambo styled knife up towards the camera. Paul then explains the he intends to,“throw the weapons into the river.”

Thankfully no one was hurt or injured at this event however, the footage highlights how serious violent crime is and how easy it is for a child to either lose his life or become a murder.

Drug dealing and violence exists in the U.K and is heavily predominant within inner city areas like Birmingham, London and Manchester. The reasons for gang culture remain unclear and communities are left shattered because of it.

A report published by the BBC indicates that knife crime in London has risen over a four-year period and is increasingly high in the borough’s of Lambeth, Tower Hamlets and Newham.

FTTC recently spoke with Faron Paul, the father who posted the video. When asked about knife crime he said, “As parents, parenting is the only core skill that we have.” He adds, “This should be our first line of defence when it comes to installing values which in turn,  protects the wider community as well as future generations.”

Since posting the video Faron Paul has since launched online campaigns #LivesOverKnives and #TakeAKnifeSaveALife to encourage parents to start thinking about the activities and dangers that their children may face when leaving home.

The campaigns can be found @Fpfaz on Twitter, @officialfaz on Instagram and Faron’s Facebook page – Faron Alex Paul.

Knife crime affects everyone and as a nation everyone is responsible for protecting the next generation. Faron Paul became a hero and a life saver because he intervened and stopped children from potentially hurting themselves.

Rather than this video just becoming a ‘online trend,’ perhaps everyone should consider making this a real life solution. The video that this young father posted is both alarming and frightening but, it is also a trigger for communities and families to wake up and begin to fight back.

Social media always has its top trending topics such as #SaltBae  and more recently #CassMeOutside but this week Faron Paul became a real life hero – #HowBoutDah?

Written by Susie Kellie (Chief Editor of Flock To The Crown) 

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