Up & Coming London Presents S.I Stature

FTTC sits down with underground Colombian Artist S.I Stature to discuss his new projects and upcoming performances.

UK Talent is on the rise. Even some of the industries international stars – Drake – are opening their ears to the infectious, dynamic and cultural sounds that make London the city that it is today.

Thanks to Grime legends like Skepta and newcomer Stormzy, it is becoming easier for the rest of the UK’s artists to push through extremely difficult barriers.

Meet S.I Stature, an underground rapper aiming to flood the UK rap scene with a mix of acoustic rap and hints of South America.

Born and raised in London S.I Stature, discovered music at a young age and was inspired by his latin cultural influences given to him by his Colombian parents.

Stature spent most his time working on lyrics, playing around with and producing sounds that would eventually lead to a conscious lyrical sound not only embrace his Spanish culture but also introduces audiences to new and unsigned producers.

FTTC sat down with S.I Stature to learn more:

How long have you been doing music?

It’s been about 3-4 years that I’ve been living and breathing music.

What does S.I Stature stand for? 

In full it is “smurf in stature”.  Smurfz was the name given to me in my childhood by my fellow peers. Quite self-explanatory to be honest due to my short stature. I felt I could run with the name as it brings a sense of confusion, oddness, aswell as questions such as this one.

How would you describe your style?

Sluggish, wavy and intricate yet melancholy. In a nutshell I make indie rap, it’s the style I use for writing in both English and Spanish.

Your ethnic origin is Colombian and we can definitely hear elements of this in songs like “Doom” do you think the UK is ready for Latin rap music? 

Yes both my parents are Colombian. My father comes from a  very well-known town of Palmira, which neighbours the city of Cali. And my mother from the plains of Villavicencio, los llanos.

I strongly believe it’s time the UK accepted that Latin artists are on the rise. Weve been on the come up for a while now but it seems in the last few years the breakthrough has gone from “keyhole” to “open window”

Although there’s a handful of Latin artists here in the UK, it’s categorised as our countries music. I want to be the artist that allows latin rap to make a cultural shift into the mainstream.

What should people learn about you  when they listen to your music ?

Honestly the message usually depends on the type of song I’m writing. Most of my tracks represent my upbringing –  the ups and downs of the magic we call life. If the particular song is a party track it would be a feel good feeling. The message may well be alcohol and drugs. Lol. Which can be seen as a positive vibe depending where you’re standing.

On the contrary, I also make songs that would suit a very introvert person.  A sort of reflective type of track. Whether it’s reminiscing on the past the messages all depends on the nature and tempo of the song.

What have you been doing recently?

I’ve been putting a few projects together, u know. Building the portfolio. A couple of mixtapes and EP’s  with a few very talented up and coming producers.

Your track, “Heart Attack,” talks about mistakes you made whilst living in inner city London. It’s also is written metaphorically, what inspires you to write in this style?

The inspiration is the lack of originality at the moment in this very much saturated music industry. I’ve never been one to fit in. The aim has always been to stand out. I tend to eliminate any chance of sounding like somebody else or writing like another artist. This approach has led me to what I consider to be”my style” today.

Where do you think you fit in today’s market, considering the rap scene is dominated by artists like  J Spades and C Biz?

I don’t fit. This is the beauty. And because I don’t fit, in effect I fit in perfectly, if u understand what I’m saying. The gap isn’t vast. However if u have something nobody else is offering like a unique selling point u then fall into high demand.

Do you think you could be the answer in fusing the UK Latin community with the UK hip hop scene in general and if so, how are you going to achieve this and why is it needed?

I believe so yes – the merging of the two cultures musically – can easily be achieved. The latin youth is very much in touch both the UK’s Hip Hop and Grime scene. Now with an artist which brings all elements together such as the UK hip hop sound with a Spanish-speaking influence, any type of coming together is possible.
This is needed to combat the inequalities around the world at the moment. Racial issues. Prejudices. Music is a healing factor. The fusion of different people and cultures will be a huge stepping stone not only in music but for the world we’re living in at the moment.

What’s next for S.I Stature?

Creating awareness, I want the UK to feel my presence and that I’m here to simply do what I love doing. Music.

Check more of S.I Stature on Soundcloud

Follow S.I Stature on Twitter

Written by Susie Kellie (Chief Editor of Flock To The Crown) 

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