Key Marketing Trends for 2016

Key Marketing Trends for 2016

As we approach 2016, people are considering New Year resolutions and New Year goals. This also applies to marketers looking to create fresh and successful digital marketing strategies for the New Year. Yet given the competitive market, it’s hard to know where to start – there’s so much noise online, particularly with the rise of social media and smart technology, that it’s hard to know how to stand out from the crowd.

For any business, understanding your customer and their needs is key. From looking at the the marketing landscape from the past year and speaking to industry leaders, we’ve put together a list of key marketing trends for 2016 that will jump start your business marketing prowess for the New Year.

Social Media as a platform, not a marketing strategy

It is a mistake to think social media is a marketing strategy in itself. Although it is great at capturing an audience, it is only one channel out of many that can support your marketing campaign. For example, if your customer shares your product on social media, it may encourage more customers to purchase your product yet there are other marketing channels out there, such as sponsored advertising, editorials and launch events, that you might want to consider as well. In turn, this will spur you to think critically about your marketing budget and ensure you’re spending money on the best channels for the New Year.

Virtual reality and 3D technology

We’ve seen it in James Bond and Mission Impossible movies, yet top digital and electronic brands such as Sony, Samsung and Google are investing a lot into virtual reality and 3D technology, which will allow customers to experience products in a unique way. Gaming has also witnessed a boom in its industry, which is evident from the rise of virtual reality headsets such as Oculus Rift. Soon your competition will be providing virtual tours, sales presentation and product demonstrations from a different dimension, that’s unless you get there first.

Interactive videos

As much as people like to read content, they also like to watch content too. There has been a boost in video streaming where customers learn about products through entertaining and educational videos on the go. More businesses are seeing the value of live streaming videos using smart technology on platforms such as Periscope and Blah. This heightens a user’s experience and makes them part of a bigger event.

This is also the case with touchscreen technology, which more retailers are installing into their stores. This provides customer and businesses real-time feedback. By adding interactive video into your overall marketing strategy your business shall embrace a ‘customer experience model’, which is another marketing trend to look out for as well.

Big Data

Whether it’s monitoring web clicks, page views, patterns of behaviour or improving a customer’s experience, big data plays a vital part in identifying your customer’s buying behaviour and understanding ways of enhancing your business strategy. 2016 sees more tools and software packages in the marketplace, which will make dating mining, managing data and analytics for marketers easier and efficient.

Smart technology

Nowadays when organisations are introducing a brand new website they consider how it looks on a desktop as well as a tablet or mobile smart phone too. This means considering mobile-optimised features, mobile targeting campaigns and customised mobile apps. Research suggests that more people are browsing on their mobile devices than their desktop, so start thinking about the best way your customers can interact with you and your products through their smart mobile.

Context before content

Content is the driving force behind capturing an audience, but it needs to be good content that is pushed out by influencers and experts. This knowledge will build on the credibility of your brand and product. Industry leaders are a great example of influencer but bloggers – who write regularly and understand the ingredients for creating eye-catching digital content – are becoming an integral part of a content marketing campaign. This will make your customers’ online journey easier to navigate and develop your marketing strategy organically at the same time.

Written by Mary Grace Nguyen (Chief – Editor of Flock To The Crown) Read her blog, check out her online portfolio and follow her on Twitter.

Read her post here on tips and advice on Writing for the Internet.

Read her post on the World Post Business Conference  ‘Future of Work’ – hosted by Adrianna Huffington. Click here.

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