‘Amigo Nights’ : Birkbeck’s GED’s (Geography Environment and Development) Society Event

James Tonner at Student Central discussing ‘Amigo Nights’ Event

James Tonner, on behalf of Birkbeck’s GED’s (Geography Environment and Development) Society, tells us about their next up and coming event.

We have essentially created a blank canvas and new forum to discuss environmental issues at the University of London.

The society constituted at Birkbeck College, at the beginning of this year, its objectives to raise awareness and engagement on environmental issues.

Amigo Nights’ is a live music and performance event of the GED’s Society. Our events are designed as a fund-raising exercise (and it’s worth mentioning that  tickets sell out fast, so purchase them asap).

We have been very lucky to recruit very popular international artists who share our passion for the environment as valued ambassadors. From 7.30pm the GEDs Society presents the worlds greatest entertainers and supporters of the environment live including:

  • Ras Elroy Bailey & Black Slate International
  • Chami Cool & La Fama Jam (See Video below)
  • Unscene
  • Mervin Gersh
  • Scratchylus& Empress Reggae
  • La Shinga (See video below)
  • The 69 watts
  • Ben Jammin
  • Willy Fuego
  • Shaka Black
  • The Kipple
  • Leanie Kaleido
  • Rowan Reid
  • Naldo Tafari
  • Stormy
  • Chief Koala
  • Neildsy

And many, many more ……..

Amigo Nights this 11th October will take place at ‘The Venue’

The event was initially organised to improve environmental awareness and engagement of the University Of London and The Bloomsbury Colleges (TBC) Group.

TBC group was set up in 2004 and now consists of the following five colleges of the University of London: Birkbeck, the Institute of Education, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the Royal Veterinary College, and the School of Oriental and African Studies, having found huge resonance with other academic institutions and the wider public.

We are currently in talks to take the show to universities in Aberdeen, Milan, Barcelona, Liverpool, Paris and Reus.

The next ‘Amigo Nights’ event on 11th October 2014 will take place at the newly refurbished ‘The Venue’ (Student Central building), which  promises to be a huge success.

[Music by Chami Cool & La Fama Cuando who will also perform on the night]

There will be films, presentations and speakers plus the inauguration of the ‘Vine Sculpture’ project that will be installed in the gardening plots in the main University of London plaza to promote ‘grow-your-own’, ‘slow’ and other sustainable food ideas.

Environment topics and discussions taking place (from 2:30pm) include:

  • Rainforest Management
  • Free Energy
  • Slavery and Human Trafficking in the Fishing Industry; Environmental Justice Foundation’s Community Surveillance Programme in West Africa and Pirate Fishing in West Africa

The project is designed to be self sustainable and revenue generating so that the GED Society has funds to organise further lectures, seminars, conferences and other events regarding environmental issues.

[The band La Shinga will perform at the event. Here’s their music to get you in the mood for Amigo Nights – GET YOUR TICKETS NOW]

Written by James Tonner (Student of Birkbeck and member of GED society, Birkbeck)

Purchase tickets for Amigo Nights here.

More information about GED’s society can be found here

Click here for the Facebook event of Amigo Nights

‘The Venue’ Student Central, Malet Street (BYNG PLACE entrance) London WC1E 7HY

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