Dawn of the Planet of the Apes **** Vs The Guardians of the Galaxy**** : The Philosopher’s Chewing Gum Vs Date Night Cheese


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has more to offer than talking monkeys in human clothes. Much like the previous film Rise of the Planet of the Apes, it touches on a variety of important topics such as animal rights, politics and warfare.

The intrigue from this film however stems from the questions it begs about morality, the ‘human condition’ and even philosophical logic.

What’s even better is that these deep and critical questions are seamlessly entrenched in the film which doesn’t over-complicate the plot; a person who hasn’t read a philosophy book or studied primatology would easily scratch their head and think about these big issues.

Without spoiling the film, I can say that, the film isn’t just about a feud between apes and humans, but also a feud amongst apes.

Caesar (Andy Serkis), born and bred in the care of Will Rodman (James Franco), from the previous movie, is the leader of the entire clan of genetically evolved apes.

Yet, some of his followers, primarily Koba (Toby Kebbell), are sceptical of Caesar’s judgment of humans and believe it could compromise the apes’ welfare.

Compared to Caesar, Koba suffered a different fate; he was mistreated and tortured (physically and psychologically) by humans, which leads him into a darker and tyrannical path in this film.

The plot unfolds a web of power struggles where only the strongest can survive.

The film has great CGI animated scenes: scenes of serenity among the ape clan kingdom and hints of hope and peace between the enemies.

Overall, it’s a reflective film, which makes it stand out from other blockbusters released this year (2014). It makes you wonder about modern-day warfare and ethnic conflicts taking place today.

Yet, no sci-fi movie is complete without an evil villain, bloodshed and destructive fight scenes; the film fulfills all of these in a jungle-like mode. The ending is also significant and caused – quite – a stir with sci-fi movie bloggers.

Add this to your DVD /Blu-ray list if you don’t get the chance to see it at the cinema. BAFTA award winner, Gary Oldman had a small part in this film yet unlike the last ape movie, his character doesn’t say much or do anything revelatory.



Guardians of the Galaxy is your bog-standard, feel-good cinema movie so put up your feet and let the popcorn and coke wash over you. Passive viewers need not strain their eyelids to enjoy this cheesy flick.

Most recently, Marvel Comics has done exceedingly well in engaging its audience, yet it’s been a while since they’ve released something as silly as The Avengers; here is their answer.

Star Lord (Chris Pratt) is attached to his 80s cassette player, Zoe Saldana (Gamora) is a foxy green alien, Bradley Cooper’s voice is abused by a raccoon, Vin Diesel is a tall magical tree that says nothing but ‘I am Groot’ and MMA fighter Dave Batista is Drax the Destroyer; together they save the galaxy…hooray!

Written by Mary Grace Nguyen ( Co Chief-Editor and  Co-Founder of Flock to the Crown) See more reviews by Mary on LDNCard and TrendFem

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