EXCLUSIVE: Birkbeck Student Union Speaks Out

On the 8th July 2014, Flock To The Crown (FTTC) attended the Student Union Council meeting and discovered that Birkbeck College were planning on enforcing some changes to student services. One of these changes included plans to close the 24 hour computer rooms.

Here, founder of the campaign and President of Birkbeck’s Law Society, Angela Bennett, alongside Birkbeck’s Student Union Black Members Officer, Alex Owolade talks exclusively to us about why the computer rooms are closing and what action the Student Union is taking to prevent the 24 hour computer rooms from closing.

Birkbeck Students sign petition to keep 24 hour computer rooms open
A Birkbeck student signs a petition to keep the 24-hour computer rooms open

For further information or to sign the petition please click here

(Written by Susie Kellie, Founder and Cheif Editor of Flock To The Crown, follow her on twitter or email flocktothecrown@gmail.com) 

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