Events Bulletin at Birkbeck and Bloomsbury 17th July – 1st August

WELCOME to Flock To The Crown’s weekly news bulletin on what’s going on at Birkbeck College and the Bloomsbury area. If you want us to announce your event, please contact us on or follow us on Twitter @FlockToTheCrown

3 July – 25 July

Family Memories and Family Ties by the Birkbeck Research in Aesthetics of Kinship and Community

What is a ‘family’? What is a ‘community’? What is a ‘couple’? What is a ‘nation’? What is a ‘tribe’? And how do we picture them? How might we read memory in relation to the family, and how might we enact these memories in visual form? This group exhibition addresses the representation of family memory through the lens-based works of six artists.Birkbeck Research in Aesthetics of Kinship and Community (BRAKC) exists in order to bring together academics from a range of disciplines (literature, philosophy, film and visual culture, fine art, sociology, linguistics, history, psychology) to discuss these questions and to engage in crucial debates around what constitutes ‘belonging’ in the so-called post-modern era.

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July 17

School of Business, Economics and Informatics : Open Evening

16:30 – 19:00

Birkbeck is pleased to invite all to a School Open Evening on Thursday 17 July.  The School Open Evening is an excellent opportunity to find out more about our courses and meet our academic staff in a relaxed, informal environment.

Academic and administrative staff will be available to talk individually and answer any queries.

There will also be scheduled Department talks providing an overview of all courses available in each Department:

Department Talk Time
Management 4.45
Computer Science, Information & Technology 5.45
Organizational Psychology 5.15
Economics, Maths & Statistics 6.15

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July 17

Financing your University Course in 2014 (18:00 – 19:30)

Undergraduates Only

This free workshop will give you the facts on undergraduate tuition fees and student loans. By the end of the session students will know what loans and financial support they may be eligible for and how to apply for it, as well as being comfortable with the finer details of the repayment process.Birkbeck will also clearly explain Birkbeck’s non repayable financial support packages for those students most in need.

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July 18 and July 19

Blake, the Flaxmans, and Romantic Sociability

Starting from the world of An Island in the Moon, this conference illuminates Blake’s relationship with the ‘Sculptor of Eternity’ and his circle from the early days to the ‘Regions of Reminiscence’, from the 1780s to the 1820s, following the Flaxmans across the channel, into the cosmopolitan networks of the Grand Tour, in order to recover the material cultures, sites, and dynamic forms of their Romantic sociability.

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July 18

London Critical Summer School – Friday Debate 2 (14:00 – 16:00)

This debate takes place at end of each week’s teaching. The speakers are the academics who have been teaching all week on the course. Each debate is open to the public – please register separately for each one.

Speakers include: Stephen Frosh, David Harvey, Esther Leslie & Slavoj Zizek

Books tickets now while they are available!

July 22

Full time or Part time Student? Helping you decide (Undergraduate only)

If you are thinking about returning to study but are not yet sure if you want to study full time or part time, come along to this free workshop which will help you to better understand the differences and similarities between the two options.

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July 23

Department of Organizational Psychology Summer Seminar Series

Speakers include: Professor Patrick Tissington, Dr Chris Dewberry, Dr Katrina Pritchard, Dr Kate Mackenzie Davey, Dr Andreas Liefooghe, and a keynote address by Professor Kevin Daniels. Come along and join us on Wednesday, 23 July 2014 to hear about the latest research taking place in the Department of Organizational Psychology at Birkbeck. This is a wonderful opportunity for alumni and current students to hear about the latest developments in the fields of Occupational Psychology, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management. There will also be time to network with alumni, current students, academics and staff from the department during the day and at the wine reception following the seminar. This event is free to extend and is open to all alumni, current students and professional colleagues engage or interested in the field of organisational behaviour, HRM and beyond.

To join us at this event please register on EventBrite

24 July 

“Blowin in the Wind” -Imaging the Counterculture. The rise of Eco-Protest

Kensington Central Library

1960′s Week 2014

An introductory workshop to discuss the visual culture of ‘eco-protest’ as emerging in the 1960s. How can we study this influential aspect of a transformative decade using a range of visual material, including some related film and music?  As well as looking at the American scene there will be a focus on activities and activism in urban and rural England including marching and singing, fayres and festivals, sitting in and dropping out.

Liz will give a short talk followed by an informal workshop and is looking forward to meeting anyone who would like to bring a visual work that they feel represents the spirit of the 1960s ecology movements, protests or Flower Power in general. This may be a photograph old or new, an image from a film, an album cover, T-shirt or button badge. This may be from a photocopy or a page from a magazine, a newspaper or from the internet. The image may be from the 1960s or since then, including contemporary items that are based on the original ideas or items.

Liz Johnston Drew is staff from the School of Arts (History of Art, including Photography , Architecture and Museums)

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25 July (6.30pm – onwards) 

Family Ties: Birkbeck Cinema

Lizzie Thynne, On the Border film screening and Q&A – A daughter’s exploration of her Finnish family’s history, prompted by the letters, objects and photographs left in her mother’s apartment.

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1st August

How to be happy and improve your well being – workshop

Idea Store Whitechapel, 321 Whitechapel Road, E1 1BU (6:45 – 8:45 PM)

Certain times of the year are associated with the lowest levels of happiness and well-being in our country. The good news is that research carried out in the field of Positive Psychology suggests that there are things we can do to improve our levels of well-being. This workshop will share research around the factors that contribute to our happiness. Participants will have the opportunity to think about small exercises they can do to increase happiness levels in their own lives.

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Academic Workshops left this month at Birkbeck include

July 27th

Writing academic essays for non-native speakers of English

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For more information on current vacancies at Birkbeck University, click here:

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